Halloween Games

Halloween is a time for mischief and fun.

But the most often overlooked aspects of the Halloween season are the games games games!  We’re not talking about The Walking Dead on Xbox or Playstation.  Sure, any kid young and old loves to shoot up the zombies and explore a virtual haunted house in a gaming environment.  And while that’s fun, it’s not always age-appropriate and certainly not as fun, physical and social as old-school Halloween people games.

Yup, remember those?  When people would get together and play games and do fun things in the world’s best 3D environment…. reality.

So have a look at some of our suggestions for safe, fun, and real-life games that kids of all ages can play.  And don’t forget to read up on some fun Halloween pranks you can pull as well.  After all, the “trick” part of “trick or treat” is severely under-utilized these days… [queue 'evil laughter']  haha..



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