Halloween Drag Or An Extra In Priscilla: Queen of the Desert

Though much ado is made about how men view women in society, it is interesting to consider that a man dressing as a woman for Halloween is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular. The beauty of this is that men can experience, for 24 short hours, what it is like to be cinched into a dress, standing on stilts, covered in makeup and trying to keep longer hair out of one’s mouth when talking. And that only covers the fun it is for women! Halloween drag allows men to have a lot of fun, to laugh at themselves (while others laugh at them too), and to have a real chance to learn the age old art of makeup application. Well, if not to learn it, to sit and watch how the look is achieved.

Halloween Drag Basics

Becoming a woman in real life is an actual event that takes years of teenage angst, insecurity and triumphs to achieve. For someone to achieve it for an evening of fun, however, only a few key points must be considered: the clothes, the hair, the makeup and the heels.

Dressed in Drag Halloween Clothes

The first consideration of where to start your Halloween drag costume is always clothes. Clothes matter because they can affect other areas of preparation. Choosing to wear a skirt or dress is great (and go all the way if you’re doing it anyway), but it demands attention to leg hair that tends to plague the male half of the population. Stockings or nylons are a must, unless leg-shaving is an option – be prepared for a deep itch on regrowth if this option is chosen. The alternative to dresses and bare legs would be pantsuits or other outfits that identify femininity through the use of decorative and flowing blouses. Remember to choose clothes that allow for both sitting and movement.

Halloween Drag Gallery Hair

Yes, there is a great proportion of women today who have their hair short, in pixie or shaved cuts, however, long hair is still a must for dressed in drag Halloween attire. The point of dressing in drag is to be over-the-top feminine; short hair, though lovely, does not always convey this message. As the cost and time required for a weave is prohibitive (and shows a case of over-commitment to the cause), the obvious choice is to purchase a wig. Less obvious is the style of hair or the colour, and this is where inspiration is useful. Partial to redheads, or thinking Marilyn is the prototype? The only real requirement is to ensure the hair colour does not clash with the dress.

Dressing as a Woman for Halloween Must Include Make up

The world of makeup is largely overlooked by men, and for good reason. It is a cut-throat business and not intended for everyone. Makeup counters will offer free lessons, but would this really be time well spent? Ask a female friend, sister, or real drag queen for help – she will be able to advise on the necessities of eyeliner, fake eyelashes and lipgloss. Go all the way with bright blue eyeshadow and a tone of blush that helps to bring out your cheekbones.

Think You Can Handle Stiletto Heels?

This is a last but not least moment. To beginners, shoes could possibly be included in the clothing section, but that idea alone might identify the difference between men and women. Shoes are an entity to themselves and require careful consideration. Practicing in heels might be a good idea, and considering wearing the less sexy but more comfortable style of platform shoes over thin-heeled shoes might add some stability. Stay away from strappy styles until walking becomes a skill and steer more toward Mary Jane shoes or full coverage heels.

Once your costume is assembled and in place, consider taking pictures to add to the wealth of pictures online and post to a Halloween drag gallery. This sort of costume is becoming an art and years from now, the ability to look back on the time you were dressed as a woman might be a comical piece of history that you don’t want to forget.

Voilà!  A little planning, some help from some friends and your drag costume is complete. The only thing that can’t be purchased, borrowed or taught… ?

… Confidence.

Walk high, with a smile, and remember to shake what your mama gave you. Or, at least laugh as you trip along your way!

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