After Curfew: Halloween Costumes Couple Style!

The pressure to come up with a clever Halloween costume idea begins to mount as the holiday draws near. As a couple, how can the spirit of Halloween be embraced while ensuring costumes are noticed by everyone, and not in a way where people have noticed due to an obvious lack of preparation? Sex, of course. Sex sells, and it also makes people pay attention.

Remember, the first rule of Halloween couples costumes is that there are no rules. That’s the great thing about Halloween; it is the one night out of the year when women can dress suggestively, men can dress as women, anyone can dress as something horrendous, and no one can judge or complain.

Where to begin? Attending a sexy halloween party and looking like you have put some effort into your costume requires a little bit of planning. A couple costume that is well matched and complements both halves of the relationship can be exciting and awe-inspiring, regardless of the genre being called upon. Plan ahead, be bold and watch others take notice!

Popular Costumes for Couples

For those who like to consider more traditional ideas, some popularly employed costumes might include: the devil with his sexy angel, referee and cheerleader, pirates of both genders, and cops and robbers. If both partners are feeling a little naughty, playing Adam and Eve or Tarzan and Jane is sure to show a little skin on both sides. The doctor and his sexy, syringe-wielding nurse is a sure way to show a playful side, and who doesn’t love to see Hugh Hefner in his smoking jacket on the arm of a sexy playboy bunny? For the more sci-fi oriented, Hans Solo and Princess Leia, in a golden bikini of course, can be enough to make everyone stop and stare.

Sexy Fairytale Costumes

It may seem odd to combine sexuality with fairytales, but fairytales are no longer just for children. Playing on the idea of a damsel in distress accompanied by her perfect hero is a little overdone, so try to consider unusual pairings, like Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, or Snow White and one of the Seven Dwarfs. This sort of twist on old fairytales can make for fun, while allowing the female to dress in flowing robes, often accompanied by very short skirts.

Sexy Vampires

Vampires have earned their own category in the world of Halloween costumes. Vampire legends are all about sexuality, and are therefore easy to incorporate into costumes.Vampire folklore already combines the two things a sexy Halloween outfit should be about – sex and blood. Costumes comprised of black leather, covering very little, dark makeup and mussed hair, can be very provocative. Chains and leashes, for those with a darker side, can easily be incorporated into costumes, as can blood oozing from any area of the body. Don’t forget short skirts, low cut tops, and wicked smiles.

Flip the Script

In these scenarios, we are accustomed to the idea that Halloween babes are normally female, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Don’t be afraid to shake things up – maybe have the man don the sexy maid outfit and the female be the person in a smoking jacket. Have him be Barbie in heels, while she is Ken. Men are no different from women in this way: everyone looks better in heels and seeing him walking around in them might be great comedic relief for the night. Flipping the script is one sure way to have people talking, and laughing!

If hosting the party, be sure to encourage people to think about their costumes, and encourage participation by offering an enticing Halloween costumes couple award. While at it, consider encouraging various games to break the ice between couples who may not know others at the party. Depending on what kind of party you are looking to host, you can have games that range from pass the sex toy while giving personal introductions, to a Halloween sexy flash party where people leave little to the imagination. Like any more risky activities, know your guests, and have fun!

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