Sex.  Okay, that got your attention enough to click on the link and end up on this page.

As entertaining as it would be to dedicate an entire section of this website on Halloween Sex, we’ll confine ourselves to a PG level discussion.

When you think of a romantic holiday, what the first one that comes to mind?  Valentine’s Day, of course.  Perhaps, Christmas and New Year’s are close runner-ups.  Even the 4th of July or whatever your national holiday could be a romantic day.  But few would consider Halloween romantic.  It may surprise you to know that a lot of love happens on Halloween.  And once you break it down, it’s really not that difficult to see why.

On Halloween, you get a chance to lose inhibitions.  You are permitted, if not encouraged, to get a little wild and crazy.  And whose love life couldn’t use a bit of wildness?  You also get to dress-up in sexy costumes in a party atmosphere.  Whether your a veteran married couple, or young and single, prospects of having a bit of naughty fun are looking pretty good on this pagan festival day.

Of course you can increase your chances of spicing up the sex life or discovering one if you’re…er… lacking… in the area but reading the awesome articles here!  Enjoy!

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