Scary Sounds

Scary sounds started in pre-dawn civilization.  From shrieks to moans, humans and nature around us have been producing frightening sounds of fear and guile…

Funny, right?  What’s there to really say about spooky sounds.  No Halloween is complete without screeching cats, thunder, screams, and low scale pipe organ music.   Add in some eerie laughter, witches screams, and guttural monster grunts complete with ghastly ghostly moans, creaking doors and more.  It’s like putting a recipe together.

Anyhow, here’s some of my favourites… enjoy!


Classic old-school… great for kiddies


Good sound quality… feels more modern


Slow to start… but soft ambient


Shorter track (half an hour) but great for background music


And here’s a great DJ playlist for a Halloween-themed dance party… good pic!


Spooky Sayings