How To Find The Best Halloween iPod Themes?

Our clothes say something about us. So does our hair, our our shoes, our cars, our phones, the coffees we drink, and the computers we buy. In today’s day and age, however, there is possibly no other accessory that says more about us as individuals than our iPods (include iPhones in this of course).

It is tough to imagine that even fifteen to twenty years ago, no one had an iPod. Since becoming a household staple, they have quickly become personalized mini-computers from which we feel inseparable. How they look, what they hold says something about us, and when it comes to holidays, there is no reason we shouldn’t ring in the festivities with a little bit of flair.

Halloween iPod Themes

Where to begin with personalizing your iPod? Virtually every aspect of it can be altered for the Halloween season to say something about how you feel about the holiday. Get creative, and remember the beauty of technology is that you can change the theme on your iPod anytime!

The most obvious place to begin to adjust the theme on your iPod is through the lock screen. The lock screen is the area of your phone most readily visible to others. You can download a variety of different types of lock screen wallpapers, ranging from intricate haunted house backgrounds to pumpkins or any other usual Halloween fare, usually at no cost. The lock screen stays visible until the phone goes into sleep mode, so if there is one element that you should ensure has a Halloween theme, this is it.

The flip side to the lock screen, literally, is the iPod skin. You can purchase skins that both protect the shell of your iPod and give it a little bit of style. Specialty stores have a number of different options, from flying bats and glow in the dark Halloween scenes to personalized designs. Unlike the lock screen wallpaper, however, these are physical products and many may have a financial cost. Should you choose to spend the money, be sure to save the skin for future years!

In keeping with the decadence of the holiday, once you unlock your home screen, why not be sure you open up into an interactive page? Interactive Halloween wallpapers are readily available through direct downloads or as applications. There is literally no limit to what you can purchase, and there is also a vast store of free content at your disposal. Maybe you want to stay kitschy and choose a black cat or a witch on her broom, or maybe you want to go 3D Zombie with protruding eyes and decaying jaws. Whatever the case, there is an app for that.

Don’t Forget The Eerie Music For Your iPod

Of course, apart from the appearance of the iPod itself, make it work for your Halloween festivities! What do iPod’s do best? They hold music, and it is your job to make sure that your gadget is flush with Halloween music, such as Thriller, Monster Mash, Don’t Fear the Reaper, and Ghostbusters.

And remember, music isn’t the only thing your iPod can hold. Make sure you have a variety of Halloween videos and ringtones that scream, literally. Use your iPod to keep lists of all of the things you need for your Halloween parties, to make the perfect Halloween costumes, and, importantly, as a camera to hold all of the exciting photos from your Halloween parties!

Your iPod can essentially become your headquarters for everything Halloween. Use it to its full ability, cover it in Halloween themes to make it as festive as possible, and then show it off!

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