Halloween Wallpapers & Your Official Halloween Background

If you had asked someone even as recently as twenty years ago about the need to have technology decorated based on the season and holiday, an odd look would have crept upon their face and their feet would have inadvertently shuffled them in the other direction. But today, we are a complicated society, attached at the hip to our technology while embracing our own individuality and separateness from others; what makes us unique also makes us interesting.

As Halloween rolls around, an easy way to keep the spirit of the season at the forefront while also saying something unique about ourselves is through the use of Halloween desktop wallpaper.

Halloween Wallpapers

In general, computer wallpaper is a created image or picture that is installed on a computer, replacing the home screen that come from the manufacturer. The wallpaper, also known as a background, sits behind the computer icons and is used solely for decorative purposes. Installation of a new background takes little time and is an easy procedure. This is done through the control panel and display area of most computers.

Halloween desktop wallpaper allows us to keep the season in the living room. As more and more computers have found their way into areas where families gather and are not just tucked into an office corner, the use of desktop wallpaper can be an easy and inexpensive way to help decorate the one thing in the home that is likely used by everyone.

Wallpaper images range from simple pumpkins, to haunted house images, to elaborate 3D landscapes. A click of the button and the bland blue or black screen that came with the computer turns into ghosts and goblins, trick-or-treating black cats, or hairy spiders surrounding the words “Happy Halloween”. As with any computer download, always ensure a reputable website is being used for the images.

Wallpaper images should not be confused with screensavers. As a computer is about to enter into sleep mode, a screen comes up that is often interactive, with moving pieces and images – this is a screensaver. The wallpaper or background is always stationary, visible behind the icons of an in-use computer. Many people use Halloween backgrounds in conjunction with screensavers, allowing for variety in the display and lets more than one image be used for the duration of the season.

Desktop Wallpaper Free Halloween

A simple Google search can help find a number of different websites devoted to the proliferation of free desktop wallpaper. Though there are always free options available online, what about taking this personality thing to the next level? Consider making your own Halloween background, using pictures of your children in their costumes, or using pictures they have drawn that have been subsequently scanned into the computer. Family shots of previous Halloween displays or Halloween gatherings would also be a great addition to the computer background.

Though much of this product has been focused on desktop installation, laptops and cellphones are becoming increasingly popular devices, requiring further personalization. Halloween backgrounds can be pulled in for use on smartphones, any hosted websites, and any advanced MP3 systems that allow for modification. Check the instructions of the individual device for specifics.

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