Halloween Ringtones & The Super Spooky Song Files

Okay, so there’s no “Super Spooky Song Files” that I know of – BUT Halloween sounds, songs, and ring tones are widely available.

What is Halloween without scary background sounds? Squeaking doors, crying cats, beating bat wings, cackling witches, far off screams that are getting closer, and things that go bump in the night. Sounds can be surprisingly effective at creating the right atmosphere, particularly when it comes to Halloween.

Who can forget Michael Jackson’s Thriller? Yes the song was great, yes the video was great, but Vincent Price’s laughter? The squeaking door? The zombie stomp? The sounds that accompany this song are every bit as important as the song itself, and the sounds that accompany your Halloween decorations are no different.

Why Use Halloween Sounds?

The perfect way to add dimension to any Halloween display, from pumpkin exhibits to inflatable decorations, is to add Halloween sounds. In the recent past this was accomplished by using a Halloween cd that usually had a variety of predictable Halloween sounds.

Today, however, technology has progressed to the point that many people use MP3 players attached to peripheral speakers. The Halloween sound files are fast replacing the cd sounds simply because they are portable, inexpensive and permanent if properly backed up. These can be purchased through any song store for pennies a sound, or can be found using most app stores. There really is an app for everything.

Haunt your house or your front porch decorations using your purchased sounds. For those who are more technical, use surround speakers for outdoor displays so people can’t tell where the sounds are coming from. Keep speakers in darkened corners, out of sight, to complete the illusion.

Maybe you want to do something unique – why not record your own sounds at home? You don’t have to purchase expensive equipment to be successful with this endeavor. Most smartphones have recording applications that allow you to record sounds, turn them into sound files, and electronically send them where required. Upload to your portable music player and you are good to go!

Using Halloween Ringtones For Extra Spooks

Speaking of smartphones, consider livening up the halloween season by uploading Halloween ringtones. It’s a sure way to advertise that you take the business of Halloween very seriously, and will inevitably add a smile to your face when calls come in. Leave your phone in an inconspicuous place and call it when you know someone is nearby. The creep factor is high and the reward of scaring others around you can be too!

P-p-p-party Every Day!

There is no doubt that any Halloween party can benefit from having sounds that set the mood. Instead of a cool, calm atmosphere, the intended mood here will be one of fright, gore and havoc – you say potato, I say potahto.

Though anything that can raise the hair on the necks of your guest will be a definite hit, the auditory offerings do not have to be limited to just sounds. It’s a party, after all. Don’t forget the music that accompanies any decent Halloween party – the already mentioned Thriller, Monster Mash, the Jaws theme, the Addams Family song, and more. Consider interspersing sounds between songs for variety or just to change the pace of the gathering.

Ultimately, it is important to remember that sight is not the only important sense that should be considered for your Halloween preparations. Sounds are becoming increasingly easy to incorporate into your Halloween displays and parties, and the benefits of doing so can be great.

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