Halloween Playlists: Choosing The Right Songs

Creating Halloween Playlists

No matter what the occasion, music plays a role in everything we do. From movies, to parties, to weddings, it’s the music that can change the atmosphere and set the tone. So when is atmosphere more important than on Halloween? If you want to make the most out of your Halloween experience this year, you’ll need the right paid or free halloween music.

Creating a playlist is an art that dates back to the dawn of the mix tape. Before you start adding songs at random, you’ll need to consider what effect you’re going for, and that really depends on the nature of the event. At the very least you should try and find some Halloween themed music, but whether you’re having a relaxed party or a spooky gathering it’s the event that will determine what music will be best suited. Here are a few ideas to put your playlist on the right path.

If you’re having a casual party and are just looking for a good time, then you might be tempted to stick with the ‘top 20’ hit list, which is okay, but there are plenty of fun Halloween party songs to throw in as well. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is sure to make a comeback around Halloween, and if you’re looking for something a little more modern, then add Marilyn Manson’s “Long Hard Road out of Hell” or “This Is Halloween” for some unsettling fun. Also covering Tim Burton’s classic “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is Fall Out Boy, with their rendition of “What’s this?” Of course there’s no one better than the prince of darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne, to match the theme, but if you’re looking for something more on the lighter pop side, then Sufjan Steven’s “Concerning the UFO Sighting…” and “They are Night Zombies…” both suit the Halloween spirit as well. And don’t forget, no Halloween party would be complete without a little bit of Rob Zombie or Alice Cooper.

If you’re making a Halloween party music playlist for the kids to enjoy, then there are some great family classics that you simply can’t leave out. Some would still argue that Bobby Pickett’s “Monster Mash” will forever reign as the Halloween theme song, and apart from being hilarious, it’s one of the most memorable holiday melodies ever made. Danny Elfman’s soundtrack for The Nightmare Before Christmas has plenty of great songs from Halloween town, and the special release “Nightmare Revisited” features covers of all those songs by many popular contemporary bands.

As much as people love a great hit like “Thriller”, it’s not really the best choice if you’re setting up a haunted house. In some cases atmosphere and ambiance are more important than melody, so you’ll need to find some spookier songs to darken the mood. Probably the oldest musical piece associated with Halloween would be Johann Sebastien Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D minor”. Coming back to the present, the theme songs from “Tales From the Crypt Keeper” and “Amityville Horror” can both give people that eerie feeling of disquiet. The music of “Godspeed You! Black Emperor”, which was featured in the horror movie “28 days later” also paints a bleak and chilling picture through sound.

Not all Halloween playlists have to be for social gatherings, however. For those of us staying at home and handing out candy, there’s nothing like a few good Halloween tunes to enjoy the night. If you’re expecting a relaxed evening alone, then any albums by Bat for Lashes, Timber Timbre, or Halves will deliver a brilliantly haunting experience for music enthusiasts who just want to listen.

As you can see, there’s plenty of music to match the holiday, no matter what your taste. And don’t worry if your mp3 player is severely lacking in festive music. Just hook up some computer speakers, and you should be able to find enough free Halloween songs to keep your evening in the spirit of Halloween!

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