Finding Fun Halloween Games For Kids

Looking for fun things to do with your kids on Halloween?

You don’t need a barrel of apples or a Ouija board to have a good time. One can find plenty of places online to play, whether with friends, family, or by yourself. Many of these games are free to play, and can either be downloaded directly on to your computer, or played online on your web browser.

If you’re looking to get a quick game started right away, you’ll want to visit They have a variety of different flash games in their Halloween section that can be enjoyed with no download necessary. So long as your browser has a compatible flash player, you can click on any of the games to get started. Most of these games are quick and easy to learn, requiring only the touch of a mouse, and though these are Halloween games for kids, they can get almost anyone addicted.

Each flash game combines familiar gameplay mechanics with the theme and aesthetic of Halloween, including variants such as a Halloween word search, a spooky memory game, and several cross word puzzles. You can even play a clever version of Sudoku, where the player must fill a grid of boxes with Halloween symbols, using each symbol only once in every column, row, and square. The “eyeball bouncer” is a silly but addicting way to have fun, as the player must try to keep the eyeball from hitting the ground by clicking on it to rack up a high score. Many of these word and math games are a great way for a child to develop their learning skills, while having fun on Halloween at the same time.

There are other games you can find to download online such as “Halloween: Trick or Treat” by Big Fish Games. This game is a bit more in depth than the flash games you play on your browser, and you’ll be required to download the Big Fish game manager, but if you’re looking for a deeper experience, then this game might interest you. The game consists of a series of puzzles as you follow Sally and Mike on their Halloween Adventure. You’ll have to help them get into costume and collect items along the way, and if you ever get frustrated during a challenge, there’s a useful ‘hint’ button in the corner that points you in the right direction without spoiling the whole game. The soundtrack creates a spooky yet playful atmosphere, as synthesized church organs enhance your adventure. The game also has some replay value, as the items you have to find will change each time you play. Another advantage is that friends and family can also join in to help you finish a challenge. The price of $7.14 (USD) might seem a little steep for such a simple game, but luckily Big Fish Games gives you an hour of free play time to decide for yourself if it’s worth the couple bucks.

Most of these games can run older generations of computer operating systems, such as Windows XP, but if it’s too much for your internet connection to handle, there are always printable Halloween games to find online. If you’re looking for a quick Halloween word search, just look them up on Google images and you can print them from there. You can even use these printable Halloween games for school parties as activities for the students. If you’re looking for Halloween party ideas for teenagers, however, then light up some candles, perhaps rent a smoke machine, and set up a Ouija board for an eerie but fun time.

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