10 Things To Do With Halloween Coloring Pages

Few things can keep a child as occupied as a coloring book. Video games, of course, are the more common form of occupying the children of today, however, the world cannot always be solved with technology. Every now and then it is nice to turn off the devices and get children back to simple skills and playtime that does not require a television or computer screen.

Coloring is a pastime that has been enjoyed for generations. It helps children with hand-eye coordination, with planning ahead for patterns and coloring, and, most importantly, with patience. Not only does it give children something to do, giving you time to do other things, but a permanent record of their achievement can also be maintained. Any coloring can be saved and used for later boasting, or in unusual cases, decades-later wedding toasts!

Halloween Craft Ideas

Halloween is a time for not just candy, but also crafts. This holiday is a perfect time to get children away from televisions and into making crafts, and Halloween coloring sheets are just the ticket. Any child can learn a sense of accomplishment when something they make is adored and showcased, and this sort of craft is prone to ooh-ing and ah-ing among many parents.

The internet has a variety of Halloween coloring pages available for downloading, if purchasing a traditional book is difficult or undesirable. With free downloads, all that is required is a functional printer and an idea of what your child might like to color. Cats (presumably black, but yet to be colored), pumpkins, monsters, ghosts, skeletons and witches – the possibilities are endless. For younger children, there are many easier to color images that include one or two elements; for older children, more complicated Halloween printables with elaborate backgrounds are a better fit, and as widely available for download.

Top 10 Halloween Coloring Sheets Uses

But what to do with all of these colored pages?  Here’s my list of top ten things and ideas for halloween templates:

  1. 1.  Why not decorate the child’s bedroom with their colorings? 
  2. 2.  Get creative and make mobiles that allow many sheets to be hanging in one small area.
  3. 3.  For those who really want to show their children how proud they are, consider incorporating colored sheets into the home Halloween decor. 
  4. 4.  You can hang the colored pages on the outside of lamps for an eerie lighting effect 
  5. 5.  Plaster the front door with the pictures. The refrigerator isn’t the only place pictures can be welcome!
  6. 6.  It is also a good idea to frame these masterpieces for future keeping – it makes them easy to display for the season, and they can be packed away safely until next year. 
  7. 7.  Don’t forget: Halloween coloring sheets can be given to others! What grandparent, aunt or uncle doesn’t want to see the genius nature of their young relative’s artistic side? The more the better; don’t let them tell you otherwise.
  8. 8.  Though the use of coloring pages can be good to teach hand-eye coordination and patience, they can also be used to help children with writing skills. 
  9. 9.  Staple many pages together and have the child write accompanying words or a storyline. It saves space and is also a great learning tool. 
  10. 10. Some online Halloween coloring page sites have their own interactive elements, where children can type in their own words, encouraging vocabulary work and the practice of both typing and spelling skills.

Halloween coloring pages still have their place in this society. Children will take your lead and if you find they are not into coloring in the beginning, turn off any distractions. You never know; maybe you’ll sit down to encourage your child and find you suddenly remember the fun that can be had coloring pre-drawn pictures.

Just remember to share the crayons.

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