Huff, Puff, & Blow Up The Inflatable Halloween

So, taped up pumpkin prints and orange streamers just aren’t the image you’re going for this Halloween season? Traditional decorations, though fun, are often not as impressive or realistic looking as full-blown, 3D, inflatable seasonal decorations.

To start the process of growing your own inflatable halloween landscape, determine a theme, set a budget and let your imagination run away with you! Oh, and also, try to remember the dimensions of your yard…

Halloween Inflatable Outdoor Decorations

Halloween yard decoration is as important to the season’s allure as indoor decoration. The difference, of course, is that things can be bigger, broader and louder – a spectacle can be made. With inflatable decorations, choose a space in the yard that will be the focal point and clear it of any brush or material that can get in the way.

All that is needed to set up an inflatable prop is an electrical power source. Make sure that there are enough cords to go with the number of inflatable displays being set up. As most inflatable products come with their own fan and fuse, all that is required is to take the product out of the box, unfold it, set it up in the chosen area of the yard, and plug it into the outlet. Voilà – the inflatable is standing and visible to the neighbourhood!

Halloween Yard Display Fun

There are no limits to the number of different motifs that can be found for inflatable Halloween exhibits. Consider making a graveyard display, with a full-blown (pun intended) gate that must be walked through to get to the front door. Commonly used products include: inflatable pumpkins with wicked smiles; a black cat with it’s back hunched up, clearly terrified of something in the night; witches on broomsticks cursing into the darkness; a spooky graveyard scene where clearly no one rests in peace. For the more adventurous (or simply those who have more space), a haunted house next to their real house, or some other such grandiose inflatable can be used.

Many choose not to keep just one type of inflatable running, but choose, instead, to mix-and-match inflatable decorations with other products. Cardboard products that keep true to the 3-dimensional nature of an inflatable display can easily be put into the mix. The use of fog machines, video displays and audio supplements can make for an incredible sensory experience.

Gemmy Inflatable Halloween

Gemmy is a name synonymous with seasonal and holiday decorations. Specializing in inflatable props and decorations, Gemmy has a large selection of differing types of indoor and outdoor decorations. For Halloween, props can practically be brought to life through inflatable displays that take on a 3D presence – many that combine movement and lighting.

Gemmy products are made with heavy gauge nylon and are considered to be among the top quality in the industry. Each display comes with everything required to set up the display, with the exception of the power source. If the products are taken care of as recommended, and used for a maximum of 8 hours at a time, it is expected that inflatables can last for at least ten years, and many have lasted longer.

Special Blow Up Halloween Decoration Tips

Consider outdoor decorations to be an investment – start small with one piece and in future years more will be added. Displays are supposed to be fun, so it is not about perfection. If something doesn’t work one year, re-work it for the next.

Remember that Halloween inflatables are in high demand and may sell out quickly. Plan, and purchase, your landscape early to ensure there is no disappointment. Do not be afraid to be bold!

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