Halloween Stencils Need Sharpened Pencils!

Okay, that was a bit cheezy, but I couldn’t help the rhyme!

Aside from the usual aids one thinks of when they think of Halloween preparations such as candy, costumes and, for some of us, alcohol, is the often undervalued stencil. The value of stencils in preparation for this holiday is often overlooked but cannot be exaggerated. Associated only with pumpkin carving to newbies, Halloween stencils have a number of uses that have been identified by veteran party “planners” and this valuable device has earned itself a place in the arsenal of Halloween party supplies.

Halloween Pumpkin Patterns

Gone are the days of free-hand carved pumpkins being placed on the the doorstep. Pumpkins today are a serious business, and there is no better way to make intricate carvings and patterns than through the use of stencils. In addition to the usual suspects required for intricate pumpkin carving, such as boning knives, ice cream scoops and sawzalls, the stencil works to take an ordinary carving up to an extraordinary level.

Patterns can range from scary faces, to flying witches, clowns, ghosts and ghouls, right up to Disney character designs. And let’s not forget the timeless zombie pumpkin designs! Halloween pumpkin patterns can be purchased in stores, and increasingly there are websites devoted to the download and printing of such stencils in the comfort of home. With a little Google searching, free stencil patterns abound.

Stencils for pumpkin carving also allow elaborate displays to be created, where the dedicated can design rather large Halloween exhibits. Zombie pumpkins eating a family of horrified victims (with exposed entrails of pumpkin innards) is one such possibility, though sceneries of duelling witches and goblins can also be constructed. The only limit is the imagination.

Stencils For Halloween Invitations & Food!

Though unquestioningly useful for pumpkin carving, stencils have a place beyond this one use. One of the main non-pumpkin purposes of stencils would be for food decoration. Stencils allow children to get in on the decorating of Halloween cookies and the venerable Halloween cupcake in a way that can allow them to be creative while also maintaining a certain level of quality from one unit to the next. Colours can be their choice, but the overall design can be handled by a parent – these treats will look good enough to take into work (if the children don’t eat them all, of course)!

Stencils can be used to decorate tote bags for children to carry their candy in, or to adorn gym bags for the season. They can be used to take old, drab or just plain t-shirts from boring to fun – get a group of kids together and watch them go from loving brand-name clothes to the ones they created themselves! And let’s not forget the real reason for the season; for every get together, nicely designed, beautifully manicured Halloween invitations are just around the corner! Stencils ensure that homemade invitations can be standard, elaborate, and beautiful, useful for children’s parties, but also for giving a nice touch to adult gatherings.

Halloween stencils also have their place in average, everyday crafts for children. The design allows them to be creative with colours, while encouraging them about their abilities. Designs made from stencils can be hung as part of home decoration, in lockers, or framed for use in future years. Larger stencils can be used for sidewalk chalk masterpieces or for washable garage door displays, though it is probably best to ensure the parent chooses the material in such cases.

The overall purpose of stencils, aside from giving a bit of variety to Halloween decor, is that they can really help the less creative, or the less spatially adept people among us, to shine with their homemade decorations.

Embrace the use of stencils and watch the appeal of your Halloween decorations grow!

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