Halloween Decorating Ideas: Inside & Out

Halloween costumes? Check. Candy for trick-or-treaters? Check. Extra candy set aside for yourself? Check. Does that mean Halloween preparations are complete? Absolutely not. When it comes to Halloween, the decorations are as important as costumes and candy. They are a key element to help ensure a warming environment for anyone who may be stopping by the for season: children, friends, or ghoulish fiends.

Halloween decorating ideas are easy to come by; the difficulty comes with deciding where to start. In the world of homemade Halloween decorations, there is no such thing as less is more. There’s satisfaction in creating decorations to be used at home, and it can also foster a great sense of participation within the family. The stressful days and activity-packed nights of the average family can be traded in, temporarily, for communal crafts around the table. Here are a few ideas for those wishing to attempt this endeavour.

Crafts Halloween Decorations!

Outdoor decorations are often overlooked in favour of indoor displays, and this is a mistake. Consider using old, dead branches near the entrance of the home: stand them up and put fake crows or ravens in their crooks. Alternative ideas would include cheese cloth spread out to resemble spider webs, accompanied by fake spiders of course. Branches holding hanging bats is also a simple idea that is easily executed.

Inside the home, nothing sets the mood better than lighting. Candlelight is the way to go; using candlesticks instead of the larger jars or candle pillars invokes a more spooky feeling of Halloween lore. Black candles and silver candlesticks can work well. Letting the wax drip from these impromptu “displays” is a good option, if done safely.

To make fake bats or spiders, use cut up egg cartons painted black. Add eyes, fangs, and for spiders use pipe cleaners for the legs (remember: bend them appropriately). Construction paper templates of cats can be stenciled out, and children can easily participate by doing the cutting, with safety scissors where appropriate.Cheese-cloth or cotton spread out as spider webs can almost not be overdone – get the kids involved and watch all the places where webs creep up!

For a more intimate touch, consider taking the portraits in the home and taping on new glowing eyes, with a few fangs here or there. For those with a little more time, print out pictures of goblins and ghosts from the internet and size to fit current picture frames. Care to see our ancestors, anyone?

The Great Pumpkin

Earning its own spot in the overall motif of decorating is the pumpkin. This decoration has a number of variations all on its own, depending on the level of creativity being applied. Why not set up a garden of jack-o’-lanterns? A jack-o’-lantern pathway to the front door? A murder scene with pumpkin victims? Never forget that it is not just faces that can be cut into pumpkins; variations include background scenery, wording, and almost anything else imaginable.The possibilities are endless.

Halloween Party Favors

This is a part of Halloween that cannot be overlooked. Whether the trick-or-treaters are children or adults, they are likely hunting for candy. Homemade treat bags that include candy corn, chocolates and other treats should be supplemented with spider rings, googly eyes, and anything else age-appropriate that is reminiscent of Halloween. The dollar store can be an inexpensive way of padding gift bags with small trinkets, and homemade treats can give the bags a nice personal touch.

Whether making all decorations by hand or supplementing with purchased goods, remember to salvage as much material from one year to the next as possible. Good Halloween decorations and planning never goes out of style!

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