Haunted Events

Duh, isn’t Halloween the event?  What the hell are Halloween Events?

Okay, you’re right that Halloween itself is the big bonanza event for the season.  But Halloween has become such a large and important event in our calendars that it’s presence is infiltrating other life events and personal events.  Indeed, for the first time ever, more and more brides are planning Halloween Weddings!  And it doesn’t stop there…

There are now Halloween birthday parties, retirement parties, travel events, theme nights etc. all taking one or all aspects of Halloween and incorporating it into the other events of daily life.  From big companies doing Halloween week lunches, to Haunted House corporate retreats, to charitable and civic events and more!   Halloween is not only big business for retailers.  It’s redefining tradition events and become as big a celebration and theme as the Christmas holidays are.

So look out!  Halloween is about to be everywhere during the Fall season!


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