Printable Halloween Masks Are Low-Cost, Easy, & Safe

Masks are a staple of the Halloween season. They can make any costume of a known figure easily identifiable, and if the goal is true Halloween gore, they are the perfect way to induce terror while celebrating the grotesque nature of the holiday. Masks are able take a costume from one level to the next, adding a dose of realism that can bring the costume to life. Whatever the goal, masks are undoubtedly a great means to get there.

Printable Halloween Masks

For DIY lovers, the printable Halloween mask is a wonderful creation. Found on numerous websites over the internet, printable masks are an easy way to make recognizable costumes for very little money. Often used for children’s costumes, the printable mask gives a great amount of flexibility for costuming – does your child want to be his favourite superhero or cartoon? Once the mask has been printed, costuming can be achieved through simple color matching to the character being portrayed, as printed masks are designed in a way that easily identifies the character being channeled: Superman is as easy to identify by the mask alone, even without the tell-tale red and yellow S on a blue outfit.

Maybe your child doesn’t want to just be one thing this season?

The lack of investment for a printable mask allows the child to be one costume one day, and another the next. An indecisive child can easily be placated in such a way. The printable mask also gives an added safety bonus; printable masks are less likely to obscure a child’s view as they can be more easily tailored to the size of a child’s head. Print the mask and add it to the end of a straw so the child can just hold the mask up to his face, or use removable elastic bands to keep mask removal simple.

Remember that the mask option, though popular at Halloween, also allows children to dress up any time of year for very little cost. Masks can be printed in full colour, or alternatively can be printed without colour for a great craft option to keep children busy. Dress up can be fun, and cost effective, regardless of the season.

What About Adults?

Who says masks are just for kids? Fun can be had by all. Printable masks have the advantage of being inexpensive, which is great for a growing child whose interests can sway from one day to the next; with adults, investing in decent costumes and masks can be a great way to ensure there is always one go-to costume that can be used in a Halloween “emergency”.

Nothing quite beats the trend of latex masks Halloween party goers have seen in recent years. Latex masks are surprisingly realistic looking, so much so that they are often employed in the movie business. Though sometimes costly, there is no doubt that this sort of modern mask can startle even the most stoic adult. Zombies and demons, or Freddy Krueger and Jason are looks that can all be achieved – use the masks, add the right clothes and the horror is on its way. Remember that the neckline gives most masks away so ensure that this part is dealt with by either body tape or a well-sized costume that covers this area.

If the desired costuming runs in a more traditional way, maybe an investment in traditional vintage Halloween masks is a better fit. Again, usually not for children, these sorts of masks tend to be noticed. Traditional clown masks or black cat masks are plentiful on the internet and in speciality stores. Vintage masks have the drawback of being more fragile and of sometimes having stains or other small damage, but they are usually quite classic in nature and can be appreciated by most adults.

A conversation about masks cannot be had without mentioning the most prolific mask-wearers of all time – the members of the band Slipknot. Famous for wearing numerous different masks while performing, the band has inspired a variety of Halloween Slipknot masks – clowns, leathery ripped skin stretched over skulls, burned, chafed and raw looking flesh exposed to the elements, you name it. Most specialty stores stock or special order such masks, and they are widely available through internet costume stores as well.

The mask has a special place in Halloween costuming. Whether do-it-yourself or purchasing straight from retailers, masks are the go-to tool for the Halloween season. There are mask options for every need; start the costume with the mask, and watch how easily the rest falls into place.

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