Livin’ Large: Where To Find A Halloween Costume 5x

As any plus sized person knows, shopping for clothes can be a difficult task. Some stores don’t carry larger sizes, and some that do offer limited choices. Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be similarly frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little planning, and a fair amount of patience, disappointment can be avoided and the perfect Halloween costume can be within reach!

Shopping for Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Before travelling to any local costume stores, it’s a good idea to call ahead and ask what sizes are carried. Calling ahead saves time and limits frustration. As few stores carry larger specialty sizes, shopping online can yield great variety, while also having the added bonus of being incredibly convenient.

With plus sizes, it is a good idea to plan in advance. Though the internet is awash with options, both nationally and internationally, the challenge may be to ensure there is enough time to have the costume delivered or re-ordered if it does not fit properly. Also, specialty sizes may run out of stock. It is important to give plenty of lead time otherwise people of certain sizes may find their options dwindling.

Get Creative – Halloween Costumes 5x

If the preference is for DIY costumes, there are a number of creative ways to close the deal that do not require a dependency on stores having the correct sizes. The first and easiest thing to do would be to rummage through already-owned clothes. Maybe there are time warp clothes in the house and a hippie costume is readily available, or a pirate costume can be made from a flowing peasant shirt and capri pants. Look through closets with an open mind.

Consider using a favourite robe, donning a shower cap and tying a soap-on-a-rope to the belt. A bed sheet can be turned into a toga – many websites demonstrate the proper way to fold and wrap sheets to fit. Become a vampire for the evening by wearing black clothes and using a black sheet as a cape; add some white makeup, fangs and well-placed blood to complete the costume.

Remember, clothing dye is very inexpensive and can be picked up in department stores – if the exact piece isn’t readily available, see if something can be modified to work. The value of makeup and body paint can also not be exaggerated. Dress in normal clothes and turn into a zombie with a little fake blood, a lot of makeup, and a few tears in some old clothes. Wear a “kiss the cook” apron, whilst carrying a fake cleaver and copiously applied fake blood. If really struggling to find something appropriate, don’t dress up at all and wear regular clothes, going as the “perfect man” or “perfect woman”.

Day For No Inhibitions: Large Size Halloween Costumes

Don’t be afraid to show some skin! Halloween is the one time of year when anyone is allowed to wear anything. The most important thing is to feel comfortable while in costume. There is no judgment allowed for this holiday!

If enough effort is put into the planning stages of the costume, there is no reason that finding the perfect plus sized costume has to be any more painful than regular sized costumes. Don’t be held hostage by sizing issues – take control and have some fun!

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