Scary Costumes

There’s only one costume for Easter…. a few minor ones besides Santa Claus for Christmas… maybe Uncle Sam for the Independence Day?

No matter how you cut it, Halloween is about the only time you can dress-up into just about any costume you can dream up in reality or fantasy land and be completely socially acceptable.  Maybe that’s the one reason why we all like Halloween so much.  You get to drop all inhibitions, look completely weird, scary, silly, or…. skanky without any lasting damage to your reputation or ego.

For one day or any related event in the season, you get to be somebody – anybody else!

But what to be?  With so many choices and possibilities, there is confusion!  And what about doing something different than the usual….

We have the answers for you.  Read up on some of our idea from kids to groups to pets!  Make the most of your spooky scary Halloween costumes!

Spooky Sayings