Halloween Card Shop

Modern Halloween is a much older holiday than most think.

Sure we all know that the roots of Halloween had biblical, pagan, and agricultural etymology.  But ‘modern’ Halloween wasn’t just a product of the fifties and sixties.

As you’ll experience with the thousands of vintage postcards we showcase on the site, Halloween was much creepier and spookier in the past.  From the early 20th century, it was customary to send Halloween postacards to friends and family.  But these weren’t like your warm, fuzzy Christmas cards.  Halloween postcards had eerie messages with undertones of violence, fear, and horror with bizarre figures preying on the fears of adults and children alike.

Not only unique, these images are a great part of our cultural history and something you don’t see much of in the modern post-Charlie Brown Halloween era.

Let your fingers be your guide and explore these images!

Spooky Sayings