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Halloween is a fun and spooky time of year for adults and kids alike.  It’s one of the few times of the year when we can release our own inhibitions and revel in the celebration of our own fears and wackiness.As we find new and spooky ways to celebrate Halloween, there is a sense of growing nostalgia for the Halloweens of years past.

Indeed, Halloween does have a long and rich history of folklore, tradition and pagan worship tied to the harvest and farming season. However, the modern interpretation of Halloween also has a rich history too. Over a hundred years ago, Halloween was the time when masquerade balls, trick-or-treating, and family get-togethers with fun and costume were just getting rooted. This would become the basis of Halloween today.

Vintage Postcard From 1912

Judging by just how many eerie Halloween postcards from the early 1900′s onwards were produced, it’s easy to see that Halloween was a popular tradition.  Halloween in the modern sense started in North America loosly based on bonfire and costume parties of Scotland and Ireland.  Mass immigration spread these traditions to the new world which of course evolved to be Halloween as we know it today.

What’s with the spooky vintage Halloween postcard images? 

If you take a look to the postcard image on the right, the actual inscription on the card is:

A Hallowe’en Wish -On Hallowee’en your slightest wish is likely to come true,So Be Careful, or the Gobelins will spoil your wish for you.

Intended as an ominous warning, the story here is the the woman wished for a lover or a mate, but ended up with grotestque pumpkin creature.  The three “gobelins” admire their handiwork with the one on the bottom bearing a devlish smirk.  It’s strange to see this the association of wishes coming true that are not quite what they see appear in the context of Halloween. That could be the “trick” part of the Halloween tradition, sort of like a more twisted and mischievous April Fool’s Day. 

Vintage Halloween decorations and images have become highly collectible.  Part of the reason is the uniqueness and history of these images, but mostly because of the rarity of vintage Halloween postcards, pictures, and decorations.  Most people did what we all do now with Halloween decorations.  The day after, you throw them in your recycling bin and purchase again in the next year.  Because most decorations of this sort were meant to be disposed of, few vintage Halloween collectibles exist compared to modern decorations – which explains why they are so costly and rare. In fact, certain old Halloween party supplies, favours, decorations etc. still with original box and/or packaging and extremely rare and certainly valuable to collectors.

Vintage Postcard From 1909

So who are we again?

HalloweenECards.com is a place where you can explore Halloween vintage images and transport yourself back to early 20th century Halloween.  These images are all available for you, some can be printedg directly off our site via a third party printing firm we have teamed up with where you can order customized stationery for. Basically, you select the image you wish to print, purchase it, and it will get mailed out made-to-order exclusively for you!

Or you can simply browse the rick history of Halloween by going through our online catalogue.   Flipping through the portfolio, you will be guaranteed to marvel at some of the amazing images from Halloween past.

And remember, there’s no reason why we can’t enjoy Halloween every day of the year!

Happy Halloween.


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